Casale Indaco, as it was called, was built around 1860. It is situated between Monte Rinaldo and Monsampietro Morico in the rolling hills of le Marche. Just of the road, but peacefully secluded in its, almost private, valley.

Originally it was an estate from the distinguished family Scarafoni, who amongst a few others, supplied the whole region with grain. The old grain silo is a beautiful reminder of this time. The house breathes history.

Like most buildings from its time it has been let to decay to a ruin. Fortunately it was bought by a young couple in the year 2003 who restored it to it’s former glory and thus brought it back to life.

Its life has been from an old school farmhouse to a family residence and back to a working farmhouse again! This time not only as a grain farm but as a small stronghold for mixed farming including cultivation of aromatic herbs & vegetables, animal keeping and cash-crop production.

The current 6 ha agricultural land is surrounded by 1 ha of wood and the river Indaco. There are several springs on the land. The woods and shrubs supply the land with organic material and necessary minerals. In short a little piece of paradise.