We, Filipe da Cunha (34) and Sophie de Jong (27) are the proud owners of this wonderful organic farm in le Marche and the dining club/social event organization called la Bibioteca.

Our story began after our family bought a piece of land in Italy and wondered if we were interested in starting a business here. So we decided to pack up our restaurant in Holland and start our lifelong dream of combining farming with cooking.

Both being proffesional chefs had made us eager to learn more about the origins of the food we cooked and we believe it is vital knowledge these days where your food comes from.

Filipe, coming from Portugal, can rely on generations of farming-knowledge passed down to him by his grandparents and almost the same applies to Sophie who has two inspiring godparents who own a beautiful old fashioned farm in the Netherlands. But we could not have done is without Marjan Smits, Sophie’s mother, who has been there from the start through hard times as well as great times. She is a trained and knowledgable farmer and we like to refer to her as the plant queen.

It has been a challenge but a beautiful one and we are proud of what we have achieved. We currently have different typed of livestock, plants, herbs, fruits and nuts. We have come along way but there is still so much to learn! We hope to go on for many years to come and to show many people the joys of organic farming, how to respect mother nature, and produce wonderful organic veg, fruit, meat and eggs!